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Upgrade Your Designs Today with French Oak Beams

Upgrade Your Designs Today with French Oak Beams

Suitable for a wide range of exterior applications, such as pergolas, porches, barns, and various green Oak structures.

For your reassurance our Green Oak Beams are sourced from the same managed French Oak forests that supplied timber for the Notre Dame restoration project. Meeting  EN 975-1, Q-P 1 appearance grade, which is equivalent to D24 strength grade (EN 338) our beams will lift any project.

Upgrade Your Designs Today with French Oak BeamsStandard beams can be supplied sawn, planed and as jointed beams.  Larger sized beams prepared to specification can be supplied upon request.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to incorporate the finest French Oak into your projects. Call us today to discuss your requirements and reserve your beams. We look forward to working with you and bringing the beauty and strength of French Oak to your creations.

Call:  Damian: 087 812 4067 or Garry 086 231 3963.

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Free Samples!

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