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ThermoSpruce Decking

Exteriors – Interiors – Decking – Flooring – Wall panels

Some prices shown are per M2

Our Benchmark ThermoSpruce Decking, sourced in Scandinavia, offers a softwood solution with exceptional rot resistance and longevity combined with rustic knots and a naturally light colour. When installing, it’s important to ensure that the heartwood (the side of the board closer to the centre of the tree) is facing downwards.

We can offer our ThermoSpruce Decking with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Wood that carries this Ecolabel comes from responsibly managed forests, is chemical free and offers great durability in outdoor conditions.


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Part Description: ThermoSpruce, BBR3, D4, 20*140*VAR, (M2)
Part Description: ThermoSpruce, DKR3, D4, 42*140*VAR, (M)

Some prices are quoted in m2. When deciding on the quantity to order be sure to allow for cutting waste (normally allow +10%) and to allow for gaps (i.e.: decking) or board joints/overlaps (i.e. T&G) as appropriate. QEH will ship the requisite number of boards. Where end matching is offered, board joins do not necessarily need to align with joists or battens. Check Thermory installation instructions carefully.

It takes more than just a good-looking product. At Quality European Hardwoods, our ThermoSpruce Decking is designed, treated and milled with the perfect outdoor experience in mind. Each board is naturally beautiful, expertly modified and highly functional – the perfect mix of art and science.

Our Decking boards undergo intense thermal modification, which gives them unrivalled durability and stability that runs all the way through to the core.

Our Decking solutions are easy to install and provide the long-lasting comfort and visual appeal for which our products are so well known. Expand your living space and move one step closer to nature.


25+ Years Against Wood Decay


Thermory’s thermowood cladding has the highest available durability class

Eco Friendly Process

Committed to environmental responsibility


Dimensionally stable in changing weather conditions

Real Wood Products

Our products are made from 100% real wood

No Hot Feet

The decking doesn't overheat in the sun

Thermally Modified Wood

The wood becomes more durable and its moisture content decreases


Wood from sustainable forests with chemical-free modification

Quality Materials

Our timber is carefully inspected and harvested from sustainably managed forests

Species: Thermally modified spruce
Modification level: Intense
Use: Exterior, interior
Finish: Unoiled
Texture: Smooth, brushed
Installation types: Hidden
Installation methods: Screws
Durability class: 1 (25+ years’ protection against wood decay)

Premium products deserve the best installation solutions

Our extremely durable state-of-the-art products are also quick and easy to install. We have developed innovative installation systems and methods that offer solutions to some of the most pervasive problems in the woodwork industry. And most importantly, they save your time and money.

Download Cladding Installation Guide

Download Decking Installation Guide

Decking Installation

Decking Installation

Additional information

ThermoSpruce Decking

20 x 140 x VAR, 42 x 140 x VAR

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