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Aluminium Products

FEAL Architectural systems

FEAL Architectural Systems

Quality products at great prices.


Ireland’s premier supplier of FEAL products.

For Industrial, Office, Domestic & Hotels

FEAL have been partnering with QEH for many years and are a proven supplier into the Irish market and throughout Europe with their expertise in aluminium extrusion and fabrication.

qeh feal aluminium products windows and doors with a thermal break

High Performance Windows & Doors

Irish Climate needs demand high thermal performance, FEAL windows and doors with a thermal break are the solution. FEAL thermal break technology provides a high performance continuous barrier between the interior and exterior aluminium profile for a great U value.

Sliding Systems

FEAL Sliding systems with their slim profiles minimise the opening required while on the other hand maximise the opening to the exterior ambience. High performance construction properties in waterproofing, airtightness and sound insulation is achieved with a wide selection of profiles, fittings and seals.
qeh feal aluminium products sliding systems
qeh feal aluminium products entry door system

Entry Doors

Entry doors occupy the central spot in every project and leave an important first impression. FEAL entry doors are designed and made according to your specifications, and create a perfect balance between aesthetics, durability and energy efficiency. Whether you are looking for a timeless look that fits your facade or you want the door to attract attention, FEAL aluminium entry doors are the perfect choice, which embodies a modern design and a clean look.

Fence Systems

FEAL fencing systems provide solutions for a wide application in fencing various exterior spaces such as: balconies, staircases, terraces, halls, courtyards, stands and similar. Having in mind that safety is the most important task of fencing systems, the system is tested according to European standard EN 1991-1-1.

Aluminium Products
qeh feal aluminium products facade systems

Facade Systems

FEAL facade systems are used as building envelopes, whether they are glass facades which enable maximum access to light, creating a comfortable environment for residing inside the building, or facade cladding, which offers a wide range of aesthetic solutions. FEAL also offers tailored solutions for aluminium facade projects that require a specific architectural design

Project Management

QEH undertake responsibility for projects including measurement, installation and post installation service and warranty.

qeh feal aluminium products project management


Ireland’s premier supplier of FEAL products.

FEAL Architectural Systems

Quality products at great prices.

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qeh feal aluminium products profile termo 85

Termo 85 Data Sheet

qeh feal aluminium products profile termo 85 section

Profile Date Sheet

qeh aluminium products termo 85 s plus profile

Termo 85 S Plus

The TERMO 85 S plus system is intended for the production of windows, balcony doors (opening inwards) and fixed walls. It is a profile system with a thermal break, with a basic installation frame depth of 85 mm. This system meets the criteria of openings for low-energy houses by applying new materials that have extremely thermally good characteristics. The thermal break is achieved with ABS thermo sticks of 45 mm. In order to further improve the thermal characteristics of the profile, profiled XPS rods (extruded polystyrene – ʎ = 0.035 W/m2K) are installed in the profile chambers. Sealing is performed with TPE (Alfaprene) seals. Possible types of window opening: hinged, swivel, hinged-swivel, The system is compatible with facade systems, and with door systems Termo 85 VS and VP. The hardware that is installed in the system is standard for the Eurogroove 15/20.

Technical characteristics of the system:

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